CHIPROM Responds to the Immediate Needs of Vulnerable Children as Ibadan, Nigeria Endures Horrendous Flooding

August 26th, 2011 - Residents of Ibadan continue to recount the losses after the downpour of rain that resulted in the very unfortunate and devastating flooding of August 26th, 2011. The rain continues to pour after this terrible aftermath. Many people were swept away, many families were devastated by total loss of siblings, close relatives, friends and neighbours. Feeder roads, bridges and many culverts on the feeder roads collapsed due to the intensity of the rain and flood. Many houses and roads were submerged. Some communities were cut off from the rest of the city as goods and services were difficult to transport to these areas. The estimated number of people affected are still not known as this covers a wide area of Ibadan. At the heart of this devastation is its effect on the lives of vulnerable children and their families who may have to resort to street begging and other degrading forms of securing their daily meals. CHIPROM will be delivering 10,000 litres of fresh water daily to some of the areas affected, including food and emergency supplies. You can be involved in this act too by donating cash online or cheques by mail, you can also send your material or food donations to our office in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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