2014 CHIPROM Children’s Summer Camp

“YOUR HEALTH and HYGIENE”.  All high energy activities were cancelled to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids.   The first day was dedicated to enlightening the children and care workers about the need for good hygiene.  A presentation was made by Dr. Adaora, a representative of the University College Hospital, on community medicine.  CHIPROM representatives educated the children about the Ebola virus and encouraged the children to make an effort to learn good hygiene practices and make them a habit.  In addition, good hygiene practices were modelled by CHIPROM representatives by welcoming all participants at the registration desk and encouraging them to use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the facility.

Due to excessive rain during the session, everyone was brought indoors and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate before continuing on with the planned activities. Along with the education on the Ebola virus and the importance of good hygiene habits the event also featured a puppet show from The Praise Puppet Show, a special musical presentation performed on a saxophone, a dance competition, and a talent show.  The highlight of the event for many of the children was the interaction they had with two celebrities “Yomi Fash Lanso and aka “Asewo to re Mecca”.  Both artists encouraged the children to be well behaved while in school.  The children asked questions and commended the actor and actress.  Both artists promised to be back at the next Summer Camp event.  The day ended with happy participants heading off for home and anticipating the next annual Summer Camp.

Our 2014 Children’s Summer Camp was held on the grounds of SS Peter & Paul Major Seminary in Bodija, Ibadan, on August 19, 2014.  We had a total attendance of 285 participants.  Due to the onset of the Ebola virus in Nigeria our activities were significantly scaled down and we had to change the theme of the camp meeting to

On August 20, CHIPROM set out on a mission to an impoverished area of the Ibadan town, Sabo.  The purpose of this mission was to provide education and food to the poor, displaced, and handicapped population, and to the vulnerable children in the area. Over 500 people were ministered to.  All were educated on the Ebola virus, health issues, and the importance of hygiene.    A presentation was made on proper hygiene, hand washing, sanitation, and the importance of a clean water supply etc.  As CHIPROM commenced the distribution of the food and drinks, many more children began to emerge from the neighboring homes and we were able to care for them as well.  The amount of people we were able to minister to over these two days just highlights how much need there is and that there are still so many children needing help and care.  Please join with CHIPROM in praying for God to provide for these precious but vulnerable children.

We praise God for the success of this year’s event despite the weather and the Ebola crisis.  We thank God for His provision and the generous support of our sponsors for making this event a success.

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